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First Slim Style earrings of the season! This narrow body comes down to a medium length, hence slim and light.

Minute in proportions as they are, these are packing 17 exuberant colours in diverse shapes and scales, creating a sense of motion; still cooled down a notch by a muted aqua background. Iridescent, shimmering, and glossy finishes will catch your eye with movement and light, making these a cute and whimsical companion piece to your look!


1.5 cm wide by 7.9 cm long, 1.9 grams each side. Small Slim Style earrings.

Colours: watermelon, mandarin, white velvet, coral, honey gold, cyan, vermillion, saffron yellow, hued strawberry, sea blue bottle and Moroccan blues, peachy pink velvet, three shades of sea witch greens, and black, against a pale aqua background.

Right and left sides are designed differently, in complementary style.

Materials used: Japanese glass beads, golden nylon thread, and the hooks are hand forged 14 KT gold filled wire for sensitive ears.