Are the large or medium size beaded earrings heavy?

Not at all! They're surprisingly light. Weight varies between 2 and 6 grams per earring, depending on the size of the piece.

Small and XS sized pieces are then practically minimal in weight.


What is the difference between gold filled and gold plated?

Gold plated is a minuscule amount of gold wrapped around a base metal; while gold filled (what I work with) is a base metal with sheets of gold layered on top of the wire, creating a thicker layer of gold. The added layers are what gives it its durability.

You are paying a little bit more for a better quality hook and/or hoop. It’s well worth it, if you want your earrings to stay shiny and your ears protected.


How do I take care of my dangly beaded pair?

Store them in a dry place and out of direct sunlight. Lay them flat and away from sharp objects. This should preserve them intact for quite a long time!

For pieces designed with the addition of brass discs or brass parts, note that the brass is unlacquered. With use and time, the brass part darken and acquire patina, giving it a vintage look. Occasional polishing restores the sheen if so desired.

In general, dangle earrings, bar studs, and hoop earrings are best not to bathe with.


What if my ears aren't pierced?

Worry not! I can turn any set (originally coming with hooks or half/lunar hoops) into clip-on earrings for you. Just make sure you select the product you want and the add-on clip-ons (free of charge) found in the shop menu (first item!), and I'll proceed accordingly.

Sadly, this doesn't apply to any hoop earrings or bar studs.


Do you do wholesale?

For wholesale inquiries, contact me at daldanea.jewellery@gmail.com

Do you take custom orders?

No, I don't. However, feel free to contact me if it's about recreating an available design in an alternative colour, for example. 

I lost my link to the Beginner Beading Kit tutorial. What to do?

Find links to my two-part video tutorial here: https://daldanea.com/pages/bbk