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Munya (Sterling Silver Hooks)

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One of three wayward sisters, each with a completely different look. This one sporting a play of opacity in contrast to dark cool colours and metallics; coming with sterling silver hooks.

These are short and light dangle earrings of a geometric forward design - squares within bigger squares, overlaying dots and lines, colour across colour.


2 cm wide by 7 cm long, and 2 grams each side. Small lightweight dangle earrings, with sterling silver hooks.

Colours: stormy ocean blues, gunmetal, covellite, onyx, pale lavender grey, creamy vanilla, glazed and matte translucents, chestnut, and plums. Three single dots of mahogany, tawny orange, and tan.

Right and left sides are designed the same.

Materials used: Japanese glass beads, golden nylon thread, and the hooks are hand forged sterling silver wire.

* Model is 5'2" (1.6 m tall)