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Long have I wanted to combine grey blue with peach cream. With much method and the exactly right shades, she lives! There's subtlety in these tones, and also a textural richness thanks to that peachy velvet contrasted with the cold metallic blue grey, and the creamy matte companions.

These are wee pointy pieces with downward flowing colours that stimulate a restorative calmness. And as with all things fashionable, this is a great pair to sport with denim and summer linen!


2 cm wide by 8.5 cm long (longest end), 2.3 grams each side. Small lightweight fringe earrings.

Colours: medium cyanine blue, pink tan, pearly lavender grey, ochre, vanilla cream, and peach velvet.

Right and left sides are designed to mirror each other.

Materials used: Japanese glass beads, golden nylon thread, and the hooks are hand forged 14 KT gold filled wire for sensitive ears.