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This bracelet band is made with stitch work that weaves a sort of glass fabric, sturdily interwoven and smooth to the touch. It neatly renders a linear pattern or colour composition to perfection, and the width is exactly right to make it a delicate looking piece, that can also style an eye catching design.

This is a fairly lightweight piece, joined at both ends with gold ring and lobster clasp. The nude glass is golden by the thread, and the gradating shades of rust jut out amongst little specks of iridescence.


0.5 cm wide by 17.5 long, and 2.5 grams.

Materials: Japanese glass beads of different finishes, gold nylon thread, and 14 KT gold filled ring and lobster clasp.

Colours: nude glass, ruby, metallic ocean blue-green, glassy charcoal, vanilla cream, tawny red, three shades of caramel, and purple covellite.