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If this broad frame evokes anything, let it be old depictions of Nut - the Egyptian goddess of the heavens and cosmos. The charcoal frame is further enhanced by a double arch; and all three layers brim with funiculus, much like the fleshy bundles inside a passion fruit. What it circumscribes is a modest square arrangement of even smaller boxes, like the immensity of the cosmos contains the most minuscule of things.

This piece is a cauldron of varying ideas and favourite things. Ultimately composing a simple design that feels aesthetically expressive and charming to style with.


2.5 cm wide by 7 cm long, 3 grams each side. Small tapestry style beaded earrings stitched on 14 KT gold half-circle hoops.

Colours: glassy charcoal, ivory, yellow gold, burnt umber, hued caramel, translucent fox red, nude glass, onyx, translucent dusty rose, pink tan, tawny orange, amber, and ruby.

Right and left sides designed to mirror each other.

Materials used: Japanese glass beads, golden nylon thread, and the half-circle hoops are hand forged 14 KT gold filled wire for sensitive ears.