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Interpretation is open, all views apply. These shapes in this exact relation to the other had been in my mind for a while. Symbols of my psyche perhaps, that needed exploring. Be it a work of self-reflection, or a journal page reminiscent of mystic imagery, these pieces are expressive and colour-suggestive.

The nude quality of the see-through glass allows for the shapes to seem suspended on golden strands. The umber mass looming over, holds a heap of multicoloured bodies, like bursting lights. Gold dots plunge into a gradation of rusty browns. And a meandering emerald line keeps a secret. For whatever it may tell you, the textures and tones are meant to be soothing, and be wearable art pieces.


2.7 cm wide by 7 cm long, 3 grams each side. Small tapestry style beaded earrings stitched on 14 KT gold half-circle hoops.

Colours: nude glass, dark emerald, chocolate copper, two finishes of burnt umber, ivory, vanilla cream, pale and medium caramels, hued toffee, peach velvet, quartz, glassy charcoal, metallic ocean blue-green, smoke, and yellow gold.

Right and left sides designed the same, to oppose each other.

Materials used: Japanese glass beads, golden nylon thread, and the half-circle hoops are hand forged 14 KT gold filled wire for sensitive ears.