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These were the result of an impromptu composition. Sunsets in the prairies are pretty majestic, and I have been looking forward to working with different shades of red orange – an energetic colour that, in this instance, appears to accentuate the black in those “eyespots.”

These are small cute beaded earrings designed symmetrically, intended for the days you want small pendants but no less mighty.


2 cm wide by 8.5 cm long, 2.4 grams each side, small beaded earrings.

Colours: pink gold, coral, lark green, ash white, tan, tawny, and black. 

Right and left sides are designed to mirror each other.

Materials used: Japanese glass beads, nylon thread, and the hooks are hand forged 14 KT gold filled wire for sensitive ears.

* Model is 5'2" (1.6 m tall)