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Jungle Dream

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This is the resulting combination of two earlier pieces. I used the colours in my Jungle Green hoop earrings, and applied them to a smaller and tweaked version of my Dream Whistle earrings.

The concentric shapes form a futuristic stage of sorts, now feeling elevated by the various rich shades of green. A lusciously elegant, and petite set - Jungle Dream!


2 cm wide by 8 cm long, 2.4 grams each side, small lightweight beaded earrings.

Colours: amber, chestnut, laurel, glossy castleton green, hued ivy, vanilla, and black. 

Right and left sides are designed the same.

Materials used: Japanese glass beads, nylon thread, and the hooks are hand forged 14 KT gold filled wire for sensitive ears.

* Model is 5'2" (1.6 m tall)