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14 KT Gold Bar Studs

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Gold & Glass - that's all it is! A single delicate downwards line: minute, weightless, and ideal for everyday wear, any time of the year.

Some days, we just want something simple and dainty to go with everything else we've got on.

See all 21 variants available. 2 for $60 Mix n' Match!


3.1 cm long, 2 mm wide. Hand forged 14 KT gold filled bar studs, designed for sensitive ears, and with the addition of Japanese glass beads.

Colours (in order of display):

Isha: amber, black, tawny orange, toffee, and rose white.

Tamsin: metallic olive, forest green, black, and chestnut.

Lana: champagne, tawny orange, and black.

Sundeep: maple, velvet daffodil, dark olive, medium chocolate, and black.

Yinka: tawny orange, bronze, chestnut, and black.

Sema: rose white, rose quartz, matte and glossy champagne, onyx, and heather.

Havu: honey gold, chestnut, translucent, deep blue, and rose velvet.

Min: turquoise, teal grey, scarlet, and translucent.

Suri: deep rose, amber, toffee, and carmine.

Viri: tan, toffee, sage, and red orange.

Rakia: green chartreuse, silvery stephanite, deep sapphire, and steel blue.

Bina: tan, black, vermilion, and lapis lazuli.

Daksha: tan, ochre, and bronze.

Fionna: ochre, bronze, and smoky mauve.

Melina: metallic olive, tan, chestnut, and tawny orange.

Thao: champagne, black, stephanite, and sonata blue.

Ruth: emerald, sonata blue, velvet daffodil, and tawny orange.

Gwen: maple, bronze, tan, and black.

Zainab: glossy purple heather, and black.

Mika: smoky mauve, glossy purple heather, ochre, and bronze.

Margo: velvety peach coral, and onyx.